Lost at Sea

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Exhibition: Equilibrium

Art No: PP1967

Artwork Width: 14 CM (5.6 INCHES)

Artwork Height: 12 CM (4.8 INCHES)

Year Created: 2022

Medium: Acrylic

Surface: Canvas

Ever have those times when life feels disorienting? Maybe unexpected turns have come and you find yourself, well, lost. Paddling in circles. Standing still. Waiting. Unsure of what direction you are going. The air is thick, a cloudy haze blocking the horizon. There seems to be little distinction from up and down. Maybe it is a sick loved one, a job loss, children growing up and leaving the nest… Whatever the cause, the disorientation hovers. You are. But you are lost. You are here, present, exist and there is life in that. There is hope, joy, contentment. Yet at the same time there is a fog of sorrow, grief, uncertainty, loss of direction or forward motion. There is "both" "and". Joy AND sorrow. Life AND death. The two coexist and express potential tension in their shared space. Which will lead? Can you stay in "equilibrium"? The challenge is to balance the two, not letting either joy or sorrow dominate. Though the sorrow is deep and painful and the wrestle can often be to avoid it, we were created capable of carrying both.

May you find equilibrium in your midst.

Thought the sea billows roll now, one day, all clouds will be rolled back and joy will abound triumphantly.

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