The Joyce Girls

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Exhibition: Breaking the Rules

Art No: PP2462

Artwork Width: 27.94 CM (11 INCHES)

Artwork Height: 35.56 CM (14 INCHES)

Year Created: 2018

Medium: Other

Surface: Paper

I was at the Joyce theater and noticed the Joyce ushers arranged together waiting for the intermission to be over, and was intrigued with the look of it, so when I came home I immediately sketched it from memory. But then when I went back to complete it, the picture resisted completion, so I just added some lines of color and left it alone. Not completing a picture, is I think, breaking the rules. But since the picture resisted my efforts to complete it, I just put it in a mat frame and just let it be unfinished. I like that I just captured that first moment of artistic impulse, that quick sketch when I came home from the performance.

Original Price: Upon Request