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Exhibition: Breaking the Rules

Art No: PP2480

Artwork Width: 27.94 CM (11 INCHES)

Artwork Height: 38.1 CM (15 INCHES)

Year Created: 2024

Medium: Other

Surface: Watercolor Paper

This piece of artwork was created using watercolor, ink, a big fat Sharpie, and pencil. I like to put together all sorts of mediums to break out of the norm. I grew up in an exceptionally strict household and love having the freedom to express myself openly as an adult. I work back and forth between paint and ink and pencil. I love to put lots of thick white paint on top of things toward the end of my painting process. White is not a generally accepted paint in watercolor. But I LOVE making my artwork look thick and textured despite the medium. I don't follow proportions, size relations don't matter, angles - nah. I want my work to feel alive and I can't get that without painting furiously and hodgepodge, ALIVE! This painting depicts a woman from a low angle making the viewer consider her in a different way.

Original Price: Upon Request