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Exhibition: Breaking the Rules

Art No: PP2481

Artwork Width: 35.56 CM (14 INCHES)

Artwork Height: 27.94 CM (11 INCHES)

Year Created: 2017

Medium: Other

Surface: Other

“Snowflakes” is a personal art creation for winter season. The art render was made in Autodesk Maya, a 3 D software, which helped me to recreate a imaginary composition.
I brake the art rules here because I wanted to to something different, using an animation software, a picture which can be used for a Christmas card, or even a framed photo. I took two words such as “snowflakes” ( a winter symbol ) and “present “( a gif we usually give/receive in season) and I made a 3-dimensional art composition with color contrast and a big present, using cube and spheres shapes and also different types of snowflakes.

Original Price: Upon Request