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Exhibition: Breaking the Rules

Art No: PP2484

Artwork Width: 120 CM (48 INCHES)

Artwork Height: 1120 CM (448 INCHES)

Year Created: 2024

Medium: Acrylic

Surface: Canvas

Abandoning traditional painting construction - a traditional concept of fine art, painting composition is usually composed of well thought-out figures, objects, tools, in their form and appearance, as they occur in their natural state.
According to the modernist conception of art, which I myself subscribe to, these are not necessary, if only because they can be represented in other, different ways (photograph, poster, edited images, etc.), so that it is unnecessary to apply them in painting, which gives the work more space and freedom of expression.
In creating this image, I wanted to express the hunger for love. Who wouldn't want to cling to it?

Original Price: Upon Request