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Exhibition: Breaking the Rules

Award Winner: Gallery Award

Art No: PP2485

Artwork Width: 70 CM (28 INCHES)

Artwork Height: 70 CM (28 INCHES)

Year Created: 2024

Medium: Acrylic

Surface: Canvas

The value of a work of art is based on our ability to recognise the real and to translate it into a new form dictated by our imagination. The switch to small brushes and the mistake of repetitive strokes are not just a matter of amateurism, but can be deliberate, based on the ability to create bizarre effects. Thus, in order to achieve this work, I broke several rules. First and foremost the rules of Constructivism, but also almost everything that was ever considered binding, from the use of brushes, to the choice of brush, to the omission of basic intersections, to the mixing of painting styles.
I used symbols to create the image, so the importance of keeping the intersections was lost. Neither scale nor realistic representation of the figures play a role, I concentrated on one thing, the spring revival, the birth of the new.

Original Price: Upon Request