Dream Fairy's Gathering

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Exhibition: Breaking the Rules

Art No: PP2505

Artwork Width: 39 CM (15.6 INCHES)

Artwork Height: 29 CM (11.6 INCHES)

Year Created: 2023

Medium: Watercolor

Surface: Paper

This painting, "Dream Fairy's Gathering," depicts a watercolor sketch of fairies and elves gathered together in a mysterious assembly. Without explicit indication of their specific activity - whether gathering flowers, playing badminton, or preparing the magical ambrosia potion - it remains a puzzle for the viewer. This lack of a clear theme likely embodies the idea of ​​breaking established artistic rules, which aligns with the theme of the exhibition.

In this work, deliberate deviation from some traditional rules accepted in art is evident. Instead of strictly adhering to proportionality and realism, a style is chosen that conveys a sense of melancholy and a slow melody. Considering the composition of the characters in a row, one can notice that this adds additional depth and a melancholic harmony to the piece.

The characters - fairies and elves - possess unique facial features and styles. However, despite this, it may seem to the viewer that the faces of the fairies are not entirely individual, and there is a sense of repetition of the same face among several characters. This is also a violation of commonly accepted norms and gives the painting a special aura of mystery.

In this work, the decision to leave the background white and not add unnecessary details is made consciously, unlike the works of Leonardo da Vinci, where the background often had the color of old paper from time. This decision allows the viewer to focus on the main elements of the work - the characters and their actions - and adds a special charm and mystery to the painting.

The main idea of this work is to show that sometimes breaking standards can lead to new and interesting results. The soft pastel colors create a dreamy atmosphere, and the minimal details in the background allow the viewer to imagine and complement the scene with their own imagination.

Original Price: Upon Request