Artist Bors

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Nickname: Bors

Country: Hungary

Bio: In her works, she does not express herself directly, but creates with the tools of abstract painting. The basis of her creations is characterized by precisely constructed space gometric forms and soft, subtle color transitions. Her creations were successfully accepted in domestic and international tenders and exhibitions (Hungary, Italy, England, China, USA, Spain)

She studied graphics for several years at the Vasutas School of Music and Fine Arts in Budapest, with the painter-sculptor György Benedek. His teacher was Kálmán Gasztonyi, from whom she learned various techniques of oil painting.
2007- degreed in Cultural Management at the King Sigismund College.

International Group Appearances:
2023-London Art Biennale 2023 -UK
2022- MONAT Gallery - Crossing Paths - Madrid, ES
2022- 54rd Art Exhibition - Conference Haus Park, Staten Island, New York, USA
2022- Chianciano Biennale 2022 -I
2022- Diocesan Museum (Museo Diocesano San Matteo), Sublimina international exhibition, Salerno, I
2022- 19th Annual ArtLab-Snug Harbor Cultural Center and Botanical Garden, Staten Island, New York, USA
2021- Absolute Abstraction - Studio Montclair Gallery,- New Jersey,- USA
2021- The Holy Art Gallery, Revolution: Art & Change, London, UK
2021- The 53rd Art Exhibition - Conference Haus Park, Staten Island, New York, USA
2021- Hong Kong Art Center, A new and different world - Hong Kong, China

Art Fair:
2023-ART MARKET Budapest
2023-Budapest, Art and Antique Contemporary and Classical Art Exhibition and Fair-Bálna, HU
2022-London Art Fair-UK
2022-Luxembourg Art Fair-L
2021-Talented Art Fair - Brighton- UK

2023-London Art Biennale 2023 -UK
2022- Chianciano Biennale-Chianciano (SI) -I

Public collection:
Hungarian Circus Arts Museum

Catalogues, Albums:
2023- Wold Art Guide, Publisher: Cendirian Publishing, Viken, Sweden,
ISBN: 978-91-527-6139-7
2022- Art of Leonardo da Vinci to today Art Album, MAMAG Modern Art Museum, Austria
Catalog of 2022-SUBLIMINA International art exhibition, Museo Diocesano San Matteo - SALERNO-I
2022- ARTsCAP Contemporary Art Magazine
2021- Artist of the Year -The Artist Lounge issue 02, Amazon,
ISBN: 9798763814620
2021-Brussels Art Vue Art publisher, Power of Color 2021,
ISBN: 978-83-961136-5-8
2021- Circus Flow, Contemporary Art Exhibition catalogue, Visegrád EVENT Gallery
2021- ARTsCAP Contemporary Art Magazine
2021- Corriere dell’Arte Art, Cinema and Theater Magazine, Turin, December issue

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