Artist Bors

House artist

General Info

Nickname: Bors

Country: Hungary

Bio: Name: Györgyi Bors

Stage name: Bors

Place of birth: Hungary

1990-1993 graphic studies at the Railway School of Music and Fine Arts in Budapest with painter and sculptor György Benedek.
2007- degree in Cultural Management at the King Sigismund College.
2017- Basics of Classical Oil Painting, Zsilip Art Center Painting School.
2018- graphic studies at Nagy Àrpàd “Pika” and Zoltán Sebestyén.
2019- Kálmán Gasztonyi Painting School at the Zsilip Art Center.

In my works, I do not express myself directly, but I create using the tools of abstract painting. In the style of my paintings, the geometric and lyrical abstract run on two strands that sometimes merge into my art.
My works have been successfully presented in various domestic and international competitions and exhibitions (Budapest, London, Hong Kong).

Statement: I have been creating since I was a child. After getting into the institute, I turned to art. It was my only consolation and I was able to express my thoughts and feelings in it.
I draw most of my inspiration from my feelings, my past, my thoughts and experiences. At the same time, I consider myself an intuitive and at the same time narrative painter. I paint lyrical and geometric abstracts in two distinct styles. One is a little softer while the other is a little harder, but both are me.
In my subjects, I mostly try to display universal human feelings that are clear anywhere in the world and that we have almost all experienced in some form. Using the classic 600-year-old oil painting technique, I make my works by hand, applying the oil paint to the canvas with a brush.

My artworks