Artist Cosmina Marcela Oltean

General Info

Nickname: Cosmina Marcela Oltean

Country: Romania

Bio: I am an Art history graduate from Romania, very passionate about art, culture and writing about it. I am an art writer, data modeator & art consultant for a while now. In the last ten years I have had the pleasure of working with several cultural and art institutions, such as virtual art schools, museums and cultural publications. I illustrated several volumes of poems and children's books and organized several personal art exhibitions.

Statement: For some of us, art is everything, the highest feeling... I believe in creative freedom. What I see all around is that the world is mainly based on norms and rigidity. I believe that only art can free the spirit and our creativity. I'm not interested in the faithful copying of what I see, but the idea behind it, the concept, the symbolism and the metaphor of a thing.

My artworks