Exhibition: 19th Annual Art Show at ArtLab Staten Island


Exhibition Information

Good news for New Yorkers and neighbors. From January 29th to March 5th, 2022 you can see the works of our House Artists live at 19th Annual Open Show at Art Lab.

Among other great artists, you will be able to see the works of Anna Drik, Györgyi Bors, Claudio Giulianelli, Evgenia Klimenko, Igor Dubovoy, Juan Francisco, Kálmán Gasztonyi, Lenny Khimishman, Marta Zygmunt, Susan Selvey, Vitaliy Gonikman.

If you don't live in New York and cannot attend the event, you can see the artworks of our House Artists on this page. 

Video report from the exhibition:   https://youtu.be/Q4dKok0pWLQ

Location: USA

Exhibition Dates: 29 Jan 2022 - 05 Mar 2022

Current Status: Exhibition