Exhibition: A Spring Tradition


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20th Juried Art Exhibition

A Spring Tradition

What’s your Spring Tradition? 

 Now that pandemic became a part of our life, it’s time to set our minds back to our normalcy with it.  Spring signals the birth of new life, the start of longer days, and lots of causes to celebrate.  People and Paintings gallery proudly has its artists and viewers all over the world.  Why don’t we celebrate our international Spring Traditions with each other through artworks?  Whether it’s a real spring tradition in your country or it’s your own new spring tradition as a mindset after all the dark pandemic struggling, you can definitely express your spring enthusiasm in any wonderful way.  We are expecting any varieties and possibilities from your conventional or unconventional Spring Tradition from around the planet.

Curator's  Note:

It was tough to choose the final 20 artworks from many submissions we received.  Thanks to all of you, I was able to form this exhibition, A Spring Tradition.  This show has a story - awakenings from the winter to the spring.  Normally, it’s a long-awaited turn of seasons, but this year we all are facing an unstable disturbing worldwide situation in addition to a two-year-long pandemic.  It certainly affected people’s minds and concerns from a usual time of the year, which shifted the road to another direction in this show.  I made my selection to create a message to the world, with an image of formed artworks by showing awakenings with a peaceful mind and a praying for peace visually.  We need a calm, peaceful and uplifting moment now.  This became a spring tradition in 2022.


Please note that there are a few artworks that were very skillful and artistically impressive among the submissions, but not included in this show.  If this was a technical competition or a salon show, they were absolutely in.  However, this is a themed exhibition which made a result according to the works followed by the theme and spoke to me.  Those who showed me your great works (but were not selected for this show), please come back to my show at another time.  I would like to choose your works based on the next theme.   See you in November.  Good luck to all of you. 


Curator’s Award Note:

 This artwork of Magnolia touched quietly but strongly to my theme of A Spring Tradition.  It represents an inner mind side of what I was expecting for this show in addition to an artistic execution of a painting itself.  


A spring Tradition could be a physical custom that’s happening in this Springtime period in your living area, which you could express your regional tradition.  And then, it can be totally about what’s on your mind in  Spring every year.  After I evaluate each submission carefully, I chose the piece speaking this theme very well.  Having said that, I would also like to give my Honorable Mention for  “Little Kate”.  This work has a great understanding of the theme, not only an actual Easter tradition but also an artist’s nostalgic caring for peace, future, children. 

 Congratulations to all artists who submitted to this show.  All of your works are very appreciated. 


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Location: Online Exhibition (US)

Exhibition Dates: 14 Mar 2022 - 25 Mar 2022

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