Exhibition: "My World"


Exhibition Information

The exhibition entitled „My World” is a collection of artworks by visual artist Ivan Klymenko. Each of his artworks are made in a certain artistic technique.

The exhibition is a subjective view of the world. It is a world interpreted visually through the experience of the artist. Thus, the viewer can get acquainted with the variety of manifestations in the artist's work.

The exhibition will present views from Prague and Italy, urban representations and views from nature, but also views in which Prague architecture is the main subject.

We will discover bright colors or colors with darker shades, even the absence of colors, because there will also be works in pencil.

The theme of the world is reflected in works such as „My visions”;Bright colors” orPrague through my eyes”. The artist captures the moment just like a passerby taking a photo.

Discover all his artworks collected in this project.

Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 21 Aug 2023 - 01 Sep 2023

Current Status: Exhibition