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Autumn, the best season for enjoying art!

This is because it's the time of year when art galleries and exhibits including all other entertainment such as plays, musicals, and operas are fully organized in this season. 

Opera is a form of theater in which music is a fundamental component and dramatic roles are taken by singers.  In this exhibition "Opera!", why don't we artists take a role in Opera numbers in an expression of our own art form!  Fine Art can perform a story of Opera without words to explain what's going on canvas compared to musical singing or playing on the stage in a theater.  Free form, free interpretation, 2D & 3D are accepted. 

Requirements:  Artist needs to submit

(1) the title/name of Opera

(2) a short description of the story (only a couple of sentences in English is fine enough for viewers to understand) (*it must be in English at least to be able to understand universally)

(3) Your message

Since this is an international open call, I know it sounds challenging to non-English speaking artists, but, this is NOT an essay competition.  No need to submit a correct grammatical description.  We just need to let people understand what you mean by your art.  Don't be afraid to use your own words in English.  Let your art speak for the rest.  That's the core of this exhibition term.  No spoken dialogues perform a great story of Opera in art!

Looking forward to receiving a great number of Opera stories from you all! 


The main image of this show is "Midsummer Night's Dream (by Shakespeare)" Acrylic on canvas, 46 x 40 inches.

The main themes in A Midsummer Night's Dream are love, imagination, and patriarchy. Love: Shakespeare portrays romantic love as a blind, irrational, often beautiful force that can be both cruel and forgiving. Ultimately, love drives the play's entire plot. In this artwork, I let all characters float, flying like a bird or butterfly, enjoying exciting surprising, and playful movement and scenery.  Hope a happy story makes your heart uplifting!

Exhibition curator: YUKAKO

Terms and Conditions

Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 07 Nov 2022 - 18 Nov 2022

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Current Status: Exhibition