Exhibition: The Beauty of Ordinary Things


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The Beauty of Ordinary Things

 Would Beauty be a human need? Much is still being discussed in the artistic world about the relationship between beauty, or the lack of it, and art. True treatises have already been written about the role of art in relation to breaking standards, the search for new aesthetic values, or simply an attempt to shock society with increasingly daring and disruptive performances. The truth is that, since Duchamp, this is nothing new. Many scholars today have turned their eyes once again to this theme and concluded that, perhaps, beauty is simply a human need.

 More than the aesthetics of the “perfect body”, more than mathematical standards, the search for symmetry or the harmonic balance of asymmetry, or even the secrets of the Fibonacci sequence, the truth is that at some point or another we seek satisfaction and rest in beauty. , even in the simplest and most commonplace things, whether in the decoration of our homes, in the organization of our garden or even in that favorite dish to drink your favorite tea.

 I want to invite you to revisit the beauty of simple everyday things. That motivation that made the great masters of the present and the past portray everything from a still life arrangement to Monet's private gardens. I want to invite you to convey a place of daily rest in the form of painting, even in the face of the constant dissonances of the modern world.

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Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 18 Sep 2023 - 29 Sep 2023

Current Status: Exhibition