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14th Juried Art Exhibition

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               People today are experiencing isolation more than ever before. Social media platforms continue to promise new levels of connection but ultimately result in profound solitude. The number of followers, friends, clicks, and likes can never replace an embrace from a loved one. Adding to the decline in physical touch is the fear that pervades physical closeness despite loosening health regulations in our post-COVID society.

               Physical connection is fundamental to our existence. It is how we communicate, express love, bond socially, and physically feel pleasure and happiness. Physical touch is a part of every relationship we have, whether it is romantic, platonic, or familial. Touch can be erotic, healing, comforting, invigorating, and powerful. 

For this exhibition, I am seeking work that celebrates touch and reminds viewers of the beauty and importance of physical connection. 

               Please include a brief statement with your submission on how your work celebrates “touch” and physical connection. Only submissions with a statement will be considered. All media is welcome.  


Exhibition curator Erika Florizel Narhi-Martinez

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Curator’s Note


          Thank you to all of the artists for your submissions. I am delighted by the varied interpretations of the theme and the descriptions the artists included with their work were cathartic to read.

           Many artists agreed that touch is essential and is lacking in our current lives. Some artists depicted touch in relationships that are romantic, or familial, or with nature. Other artists chose to focus instead on the absence of and/or invitation to touch, the longing for a connection that is for many reasons unavailable. The range in style and subject inspire the viewer to embrace our tactile connections wherever, and with whomever, we find comfort. 

Erika Florizel Narhi-Martinez

Gallery Note

 Touch is a sense that sometimes gets overlooked in art. We are grateful to our curator Erika Florizel Narhi-Martinez for bringing up this theme.

This exhibition puts a strong focus on the value of touch, the intimacy it provides, and even the symbolic side of a touching piece.

 Each artist does an outstanding job of relating to the overall theme, ranging in feeling from love and care to power and value. A lot of the pieces go in many different directions, which makes it an exhibition everyone can get something out of.

 One of the biggest limits to touch is that it differs from grabbing or holding onto an object. Getting that relatively short touch sensation means that each piece can be interpreted much differently with each person visiting. The exhibition's theme is open enough to allow viewers to take it all in and enjoy what they want.


Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 09 Aug 2021 - 22 Aug 2021

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