Artist Geanina M. Zaharia

General Info

Nickname: Geanina M. Zaharia

Country: United States

Bio: My name is Geanina and I’m a professional artist and exhibition curator with a degree in graphic art and animation .I love creativity, imagination, colors, peace and beauty in art. Over the years I have specialized in various art techniques such as illustrations, portraits, art compositions and animation for my art degree.
At this point in my career, I’m focusing on realistic portrait drawing in graphite pencil. As curator, I strive to promote all talented artists of all ages and styles to bring beauty to the world.

Statement: I’m an artist inspired by beauty and natural details in art. I like to use human face in my drawing, with its shadows, different gray tones and expression. I enjoy the harmony of pencil on paper and all the textures and forms that are created.

My artworks