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Country: Spain

Bio: Born in Madrid (Spain) in February 1976, residing in Damiel (Cuidad Real) in the heart of La Mancha, Gómez-Cambronero is a civil engineer. From the moment he could hold a paint brush he showed great talent as an artist. His being raised in a family oriented environment gave birth to the uniqueness of his paintings with singular nuances that make his work recognizable. Today he has emerged as a great projection artist with his own personal stamp.
His artwork shows meticulous use of space, accenting theperspectives, creating movement, immersion of light and enveloped in shadows. Above all, his work shows profound and emotional depths, able to connect with the deep level of emotion created for his audience.
Juan Francisco responds to the axiom that is pictorial realism. Nevertheless, he doesn’t object to merging that style with figurative expressionism, unstoppable and pulled from his artistic personality. That is the foundation of his uniqueness in which his craft impacts his ability to generate questions in the observer.
That initial stage varies by a mature and technically excellent evolution of his work. Today there is no challenge that he backs down from. In fact, he doesn’t wait, he looks for them. He’s not intimidated to handle anything from the Manchego traditions to the most untouched urban settings; from the celebrations to the retreat; from the chaotic to the serene. His art is dynamic; like the rain that drops on the pavement, from the hustle and bustle of the city but it shows a stillness and serenity. It resonates like a child unaffected by life; like a prayer echoing from a mosque, a lost and silent street.
Gómez-Cambronero accomplishes what artists strive for. He has a way of communicating, he opens up, captures and achieves it. His gift shows a profound form and a rebellious personality. It is reactionary and combines both of his cerebral hemispheres. The result is of great visual impact and dynamic art form. It is here the maturity of his artistic vision that has captivated audiences, winning him several awards both nationally and internationally. He has participated in many art expositions, illustrated books and has accentuated urban spaces with realistic cut sculptures made of iron and copper bars.

Statement: My artworks are impregnated with colors and emotions that tell the daily life of some magical places, the noise of cars, a simple look. They are full of atmosphere, life and feeling that express part of my feelings and also criticize the society .

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