Artist Krisztina Lőrincz

House artist

General Info

Nickname: Krisztina Lőrincz

Country: Hungary

Bio: I was born in Budapest, Hungary. I studied several instruments and graduated from the Béla Bartók Conservatory in Budapest. I did theology and mental health, I played in orchestras for a long time, and in the meantime, I persistently drew and copied the works of great masters.

Since the autumn of 2016 I have been going to the Zsilip Art School, where I found a great art teacher in the person of Kálmán Gasztonyi. In his courses I could learn the basics of acrylic and oil painting, and since then I can continuously develop and learn alongside him.

There is no subject that has not been painted, but what inspires us to create again and again is the knowledge that each person is unique and special. Each artist can display their unique and unrepeatable being, their feelings, thus giving themselves and others a gift.

My artworks