Artist Lenny Khimishman

House artist

General Info

Nickname: Lenny Khimishman

Country: United States

Bio: Lenny Khimishman was born in Moscow, Russia in 1961. Growing up behind the “iron curtain” with the lack of opportunity to travel and explore the world, kept the mind hungry and his imagination running wild with his own world of color and visual perception. Drawing was undoubtedly his passion from the young years. After graduating a four-year college with the degree in graphic art and technical drawing, Lenny worked for the graphic art firm and soon became a bright young member of the vibrant Moscow Artistic Community. Membership brought Lenny great visibility, and not long after he featured his works on the famous Arbat Street, in the heart of Moscow’s historic district. Despite his success, Lenny, like so many artists of the day, felt limited and thirsty for creative freedom and soon left Russia for Austria in the 80’s. After living in several European countries, the long and winding road brought him to America, and he now lives with his family around the New York City area. He worked as a graphic artist in several small art companies around Brooklyn and Manhattan, and he’s been working for the International Publishing Company, where he is developing the digital photography, production art and magical world of color.

My artworks