Artist Monacuba

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General Info

Nickname: Monacuba

Country: Russia

Bio: Elena was born in Moscow into a family of well-known journalists who went to exhibitions and vernissages every week with friends, artists and art historians and took them with them from a very tender age, probably this influenced the choice of a future profession, although not immediately. After school, she entered the Moscow Technical University and only then, on the unexpected advice of familiar artists (although some did not advise her to study, believing that she had already developed her own style, and learning could damage her individuality), she entered the art and graphic faculty of the Moscow Pedagogical Institute. . At that time, it was the only university where it was possible to study drawing and fine arts, so higher education had already been received. In her third year, she became a member of the UNESCO City Graphics Committee and took part in exhibitions in Moscow and Siberia. At the same time, private galleries and halls began to appear, where it was possible not only to exhibit, but also to sell her works, her works were exhibited and sold in many galleries and auction houses in Moscow, acquired in private collections of America, Kazakhstan and Norway. At the moment, Elena is a member of the Professional Union of Artists, is an original professional artist with a recognizable style and an independent view of what is happening in Art and the world.

Statement: A game of Beads, snatching the aesthetic side from the dynamic processes of the totality of life, both physical and spiritual.

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