Our Image of God and our Transcendent World. Gallery Note.

22 Feb 2021

Our Image of God and our Transcendent World. Gallery Note.

This exhibition was very unique for our gallery. Our curator, Kálmán Gasztonyi (Hungary), asked the artists to share their views on religions, divine power, transcended world, and the faith.

As we studied the applications, we found references to many religions, beliefs, and unbeliefs. Each work was a statement by the author.

Many artists added their descriptions to works that became separate pieces of art. We recommend to all our guests that you read the authors' notes. It makes the picture complete.

We are happy to have so many talented people of different views and beliefs on a single platform. We are so proud that this platform is ours.

As the Gallery Award winner, we chose the artwork which was inspired by the Tibetan traditions but could be attributed to any religion. It shows the states of life and the eternal striving of people for self-discovery.

The winners of the exhibition are:


Curator's Award - "A Heavy Burden" Carloslascano (Argentina)

Gallery Award - "Learning To FlyKyle Szpyrka (United Kingdom)

Popular Vote Award - "Who Are You?" Kostov (Bulgaria)


We will contact the winners regarding the prizes. 

As of now, all participated artists should have access to their exhibition certificates. 
Click here to find how to access your certificate?

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