Mystical Identity

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Exhibition: Branches and Roots: Tree Studies

Art No: PP2558

Artwork Width: 102 CM (40.8 INCHES)

Artwork Height: 76 CM (30.4 INCHES)

Year Created: 2024

Medium: Acrylic

Surface: Canvas

My tree studies led me to women. The first challenge I encountered when I started working on this exhibition, was to find some issues that were novel and that, at the same time, were identified with the central theme of it. It seemed as if everything about trees had been already written since immemorial time. And from those first moments I began to enjoy this new challenge. Trees, forests, foliage, branches, roots, flowers and fruits... Bringing these concepts to my mind awakened my deepest emotions of respect and love for women. In this exciting journey through the world of pictorial creativity, I found myself mystically identifying these two primary sources of life: trees in Nature and women in Humanity, as the central thematic axis of my work. Then the mission was to project on the canvas those first shapes that would lead me to express in a painting that mystical identity. In my painting Trees and Women appear cohesive in the same image, but they are perfectly identifiable. I was not content still, and I tried to find further arguments. And that is how I found out that in the Jewish theology dating back more than 1500 years, there is a blessing with the title "Counsels from a Tree”. Those tips are: enjoy the view; stand tall and proud; be content with your natural beauty; stop and smell the flowers; let others enjoy your shade; always remember your roots. Here I found again that mystical identity, because those advices could well be given by a mother to her offspring. And that is the story behind my painting "Mystical Identity", a tribute to Trees and Women, both sources of shelter, refuge and wisdom.

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