Exhibition: Branches and Roots: Tree Studies


Exhibition Information

The tree is a symbol often used in art, literature and religion, to illustrate the concept of interconnectivity between the sky and earth. An important element from nature, very often found in the art of all times, present in landscapes or studied in individual artworks, the tree is at some point the choice of every artist. With leaves, full of life, or empty, dry, the trees are represented in different settings depending on the season, in a realistic style or in interpretations with metaphorical references.

The symmetrical tree is a perfect construction, a perfect symbol of this endlessly repeating mathematical equation. Just like the human character, always ready to grow, the tree takes root and rises at the same time, finding in each curve of its branch the perfect image of the whole.

The roots and branches of the tree resemble the ramifications of lightning. Even the neurons of the human brain show branches very similar to the tree.


Maybe these lines already inspire you. Whether you want to paint landscapes with trees, or you want to do graphic studies, whether you will render something realistic or with philosophical references, show us what this theme makes you think about.

Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 06 May 2024 - 19 May 2024

Current Status: Application

Applications are accepted from 01 Dec 2023 to 03 May 2024