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Artist: JUAN FRANCISCO (View portfolio)

Art No: PP0107JG0760

Artwork Width: 75 CM (30 INCHES)

Artwork Height: 98 CM (39.2 INCHES)

Year Created: 2019

Medium: Oil

Surface: Wood

Blue and gray predominate in this work. The day started with rain in a mountainous area. The mist blurs the far elements. The falling water turns the road into a mirror of reflections. A Renautl 4 L brand car drives down the winding road with its lights on. In the background, another car is lost in the distance, but not before stepping on the brake and leaving the reddish flash on the road ... Our tradition, popular architecture and customs as opposed to the evolution suffered in cities, rural landscapes and highways of time and ideas

Original Price: $1500

Discounted Price: $1500