Exhibition: Emotions in a Painting


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5th Juried Art Exhibition               
Without a doubt, painting is emotion. Each work of art is a set of feelings, experiences, memories ... Each smear applied to a work of art is intended to convey something. A real artist loves what he does, and the picture serves as an expression of his fears, joys, and moods. This can be achieved through color, texture, immediacy, and theme. But this, as you can see, is not always easy to achieve.

            At this exhibition, we intend to look for those works of art that are able to convey with greater intensity the emotions and feelings with which they were painted. This exhibition has room for all types of art and in any technique (except photography and digital art) that serves to express emotions, the type of technique used is irrelevant.  Close your eyes, feel your body, and express whatever you want.

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Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 14 Sep 2020 - 25 Sep 2020

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