Exhibition: In Search of Beauty. ("Alla ricerca della Bellezza").


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11th Juried Art Exhibition

Welcome to the Exhibition.

This exhibition is curated by an Italian folk artist and art researcher from Corchiano (Italy), Claudio Giulianelli. 

Claudio asks artists to share their sources and perceptions of beauty. Where is it for you? Can you see it in the atoms and cells of the microworld or in the infinity of the Universe? Is it in a shape of a human body or in straight lines of skyscrapers? Is it in the nobility of marble or in grotesque of mercury? Which would you prefer - the simplicity of minimalism or the complexity of steampunk? 

For this exhibition, we accept all media including paintings, drawings, sculptures, photographs, and digital arts.

Best wishes.

Claudio Giulianelli

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Gallery's Note:

Every exhibition is special for our gallery. To curate each show, we invite renowned curators from different parts of the world with different backgrounds and visions. 

This also attracts outstanding artists from all continents. For this exhibition alone, we received applications from 19 countries.  Some of them are well known while others are just at the beginning of their artistic career. We are happy to provide a platform for all of them.

 The exhibition curator, Claudio Giulianelli (Italy) had to choose only 20 works, which, in his opinion, are the most relevant to the theme and “complete the puzzle” of this exhibition.

 Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. This exhibition presents 20 different approaches. In a way, art history can be explored simply by looking at the works from this exhibition. Over the centuries, creative people were turning to different sources in their continued search for beauty. The artists represented at this exhibition did the same. Here you can find the beauty of simple things – flowers and fruits, stunning landscapes (both – natural and made by humans). Abstract works are seeking beauty by avoiding any objectswhile others turn to God on this journey. Undoubtedly, beauty can be found in the grace of creatures, real or mythical, and, of course, in the human body. Do any of these approaches appeal to you? Where does your beauty reside?

Every work in this exhibition deserves to receive the gallery award, but only one can win.

 We selected the painting where the artist found her beauty in another artist in her search for beauty.

 The beauty is amplified by light streaming through the window, shadows, and music added into the equation.

 Congratulations to all artists! Looking forward to seeing everyone at our future exhibitions.

Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 12 Apr 2021 - 23 Apr 2021

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Current Status: Exhibition