Exhibition: La scelta dei curatori (the choice of curators)


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21st Juried Art Exhibition

“Le memorie ad altui” translates as the memory of others, and is from a sonnet by Michaelangelo. The ambiguity of the phrase leads us to question to what extent we can trust “our” memories when someone else may have totally different recollections of the same event. And if we borrow someone else’s memories to create art,  whose memories are they? Do we have that right to use them? And in using them, do we then own them? 


We are looking for work which explores our relationship with the past - our past, the past of others, the pasts we assume from old photographs, the pasts we acquire through the purchase of an old sugar tin on a French market, or from a box of old postcards and stamps. 


In asking questions about the past, can we create a new future and will that be based on realities or assumptions? When we open a box of old photographs, are our memories of people and events accurate? Or filtered by time? Can we offer the memory of others with any confidence in its truth? 


 The underpinning statement by the artist to accompany the image will be a vital consideration in the selection. Please tell us how your work relates to this concept. 


The curators of the exhibition “Le memorie ad altrui” felt unable to choose any of the works from those submitted to create an exhibition with this title. Whilst there were many very good pieces of art which deserve to be seen by others, the curators felt none of the statements offered by the artists clearly responded to the concept of this exhibition as detailed in the brief. In offering an accompanying statement, artists are able to offer their insight into how the work relates to the specific theme. There were pieces which we felt did relate to the theme but the relationship was not made clear.

The theme for an exhibition is vitally important as it offers that unifying concept around which to hang innovative and thought-provoking responses to that particular challenge. There was a clear indication in the brief that the artist statement should address the connection between the work submitted and the theme. We did not see that clarity.

We are not making a judgement about the quality of the art submitted in any way. The decision made is firmly centred around the title and theme of the exhibition we were curating. We can very happily curate an exhibition of good quality art from the submissions, and have done so, but we can not do so under the title of Le memorie ad altrui.

Instead, we have chosen pieces we both liked for a variety of reasons and offer them under the title of ‘la scelta dei curatori’. We hope you enjoy this exhibition."

          Jan Sargeant and Ted Kennedy.


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Location: Online Exhibition (US)

Exhibition Dates: 10 Oct 2022 - 21 Oct 2022

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