Exhibition: Lost and Found


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16th Juried Art Exhibition

The last year has been memorable, to say the least, but it also provided us with opportunities to learn at so many levels.

It forced us to go back to basics.

Our homes, our gardens, our city—with its alleys, parks, and murals—and all the little everyday things

became fundamental parts of our lives; they became our world.

We strolled through our neighborhoods, exploring every area and discovering hidden corners. From architectural details to flowers and trees, we suddenly felt closer to our surroundings and more connected to our community.

The little things became important.

I’m eager to see the things that you’ve encountered and that inspired you over the past year. The little things that became your world.

Thank you for sharing.


Curator’s Note

Thank you to everyone who submitted your work for this exhibition.

During this pandemic, we had so much time to discover our cities and reorganize and reflect on our lives.

I was touched by the winning artwork because I personally revisited all my childhood photographs. That period allowed us to revisit memories. That link in the artwork was so clear to me. We had so much time for the present and as much for past memories.

Thank you for submitting your perspectives on this unique period of our lives. I appreciated seeing parts of your daily life.

Let’s keep creating and spreading joy around us. The world really needs it right now.

Exhibition curator Renée Bovet (Canada)

The winners of the awards:

Curator’s award: “Losing and Finding” by Ted Kennedy

Gallery Award: “Budapest in Winter” by Zsami

Popular Vote Award: “Nature Art” by Aarthy Kochi




We will contact the winners regarding the prizes.

All winners can, also, submit their work for one of our future Open Exhibitions free of charge.



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Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 04 Oct 2021 - 17 Oct 2021

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