Exhibition: The art born to the sounds of the cannonade.


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The Russian invasion of Ukraine that is talked about so much has not begun this year, it has begun back in 2014. Almost immediately, it affected my hometown, the city of Donetsk. I was forced to move and soon the war turned into a protracted low-intensity conflict. I left my hometown, but I didn't leave my region. I settled not so far away, where distant cannonades were heard every morning. I got used to loneliness and a quiet life far from society, after a busy life in the big city. I spent almost eight years among paints and canvases. And then, a terrible full-scale war fell upon my country, which is resulting in thousands of victims among the innocent civilians. It is the more painful that the country that calls itself fraternal turned out to be the savage aggressor. But, I am sure that evil will be defeated, because this happens all the time in history. And the future is not for tyrants and murderers, it belongs to creators and artists. After all, this most difficult period of my life turned out to be the most productive in painting. I rediscovered art for myself and I am here for you.


“Beauty will save the world.” - These words belong to the great Russian writer Fyodor Dostoyevsky. And I add from myself. - “Beauty already saves it!”

Location: Online Exhibition (US)

Exhibition Dates: 13 Jun 2022 - 27 Jun 2022

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