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10th Juried Art Exhibition

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In this unstable Pandemic period, we’ve been placed in a fragile situation since last spring 2020. Some might have lost a job, got depressed being alone, became sick in pain and fear, lost family and/or friends… With facing this difficult time being, our mind easily gets vulnerable. However, in these scary long months time, we’ve been finding, learning, and appreciating true meaning in many facts which we didn’t really realize before. How did we react and accept when we found something shocking happened to us unexpectedly? What did we learn from there? What is a more important thing in our life? What in fact is the most important matter in life? Expressing our vulnerable voice into art form sincerely can connect between viewer's and artist's heart through its kindness, respect, caring, love, hope, honesty, strong resilience, and positiveness, I believe. We are all in this together. Let’s be kind and support each other through art conversation.

Best wishes.

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Curator's Note

          This exhibition “Vulnerable” is created by all artists who showed her/his own voice. The show has storytelling - starting from confusion, depression, searching yourself, expressing frustration, finding a balance,  lots of pain, lots of crying, yet finding 'true you', realization, acceptance, dream and hope to the future again in a pandemic.

           I’m so honored to receive a magnificent quality of submissions from all over the world. It was very difficult to choose only 20 works among great artworks with such meaningful messages. Unfortunately, this is not a mathematics or a technical art competition, so even if your work is top class, yours might stand behind the scene in this exhibition. But honestly, your creation is precious and truly appreciated. Each artwork I received is standing somewhere in between pieces. Please, all artists, keep proud of your work, keep on creating with your voice. I look forward to seeing your work in a different theme soon again. And all viewers, I sincerely hope you feel to connect yourself somewhere in our message to find that you are not alone, we all are surviving together.

Gallery Note

The exhibition "Vulnerable" is another great adventure undertaken by our Gallery ship. The ship captain was a great artist from New York and our curator, Yukako. She named the target “Vulnerable” and steered the way between timelessness and contemporary. Our crew gathered from 16 countries around the world to present you with their best works. Yukako plotted the route to show us how we can evolve from our vulnerability. It starts from the dark, black and white tones, from anonymous masks, from tiredness and fear, from solitude, and confusion. But nothing can stay forever. The worst expectations may not come true. Scary becomes familiar. Confusion clears. The colors stream into our lives until, suddenly, your spirit is free.

The way Yukako arranged the works is amazing. Each line has its own tune and all together adds up into one continuous story. We hope this story as well as our trip has a happy end.

The Gallery Award will be presented to the painting which can be viewed on several levels. At first, it looks like a pure abstraction. But then, you notice a little figure right in the middle, and the whole story starts rotating around it. The silhouette could be seen as a representation of vulnerability, but look how everything else rotates around it. Take it off and the image becomes unbalanced. Some may see the god’s eye looking at the child. The other will say that this is an old person who climbed to the highest point of life. The decision is in the eyes of the spectator. We made ours.

Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 08 Mar 2021 - 19 Mar 2021

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