Exhibition: While Nobody's Watching


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2nd Juried Art Exhibition

What happens while nobody’s watching? 

Some say this is the measure of a person’s character. It is said that how a person acts while nobody’s watching best reveals who they are - their truest self. Is this a time when temptation to do lesser things reigns? Or, is this the time when the very best of oneself is revealed?

What happens while nobody’s watching?

This is the moment when the universe looks over the shoulder and whispers inspiration onto the artist’s pallet and canvas. This is the time when the deepest, truest, most profound work emerges.

We invite artists of all abilities and styles from around the world to submit pieces of work that reveal what happens while nobody’s watching. Their work gives us the privilege of seeing something no one else has seen before.

What will you see in this exhibition?

You will see into the souls of artists from around the globe as they lead us into the world of the unseen. From out of the unseen, the exhibition “While Nobody’s Watching” showcases works of art that give us glimpses into the heart and mind and soul. What happens on an empty beach? What is around the bend of an unworn trail? Who is standing on the previously empty balcony? Where does a person go when they journey into their mind?

You are invited to come and see.

Please enjoy our exhibit: “While Nobody’s Watching.”

Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 18 May 2020 - 29 May 2020

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Current Status: Exhibition