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The human face is a mirror of a unique personality. Every anatomical detail such as eyes, nose, lips or the hair's texture tell a story of the person. Portraits and human expressions were represented in all types of art throughout history and showed how people looked like long before the art of photography was invented. These works serve as evidence of cultures, traditions, clothes desings or people.

  Portrait study was an important part of progression for many artists. It represented in different styles and genras. We can find protraits with a plain background amd in home decor or landscape to emphesise belongings of a person to a certain class         (the most popular portrait, "Mona Lisa" painted by Leonardo da Vinci, represenative for the Italian Renaissance, reveal an enigmatic and mysterious expression, placed in a natural landscape with river and mountains.)

  Portraiture is the art of recreating a portrait and can capture a particular look or state of mind experienced by the model. This can be visually represented by many techniques, as pencils using tones of grey; colors, painting wih strong or light brushes.

  History shows a lot of portrait exemples, usually reflecting the purity, beauty, elegance in women and power, strategy, sharp characteristics in men.

  Today realism, hyperrealism or abstractionism in the art of representation a portrait is still very impressive and a way to communicate with people around the world.

I invite you all to be inspired by a face in your art representation. It can be a study of someone inspiring, a drawing, a painting or even a photography.


"Who sees the human face correctly: the photographer, the mirror, or the painter? ", Pablo Picasso



Location: Online Exhibition

Exhibition Dates: 02 Sep 2024 - 15 Sep 2024

Current Status: Application

Applications are accepted from 01 Dec 2023 to 30 Aug 2024